Friday, 1 May 2015


Hey guys! Sorry about the long time away from blogging! I think I’ve had a couple of trips to Barbados and St Lucia since I was last on here but I don’t want to end up writing about the same thing over and over again. The trips were fun, but there was nothing really exciting to report. However, back in March I spent a whole week in the Maldives again so I thought I would write about that as it was amazing!!

Update: I had written this blog post a couple of months ago but was waiting for  people to send me photos of the trip. That was a fail, as I still haven't been sent any, so apologies for uploading this months late! You guys wil have to make do with my phone photos :P 

For some reason, British Airways are stopping the route to Male this month(March) until October/November so I was very excited to see that I got one of the last ones on my roster. I was also pleased to see that I would be going with someone from my training course! I was sad that I couldn’t take the bf along, but seeing as he is currently knee deep in University work, a 7 day trip away would have been a bit silly. 

I ended up being down the back of the aircraft with the girl from my training course along with 3 other lovely people and it was great. We all got along really well so the atmosphere and service ran smoothly. There were no dramas on the way out, and we were all so excited to land. On some flights, you realise that some of the crew are in this job for the wrong reasons. This job should be about experiencing the culture of different countries. Being able to see parts of the world that you would never usually go or be able to afford. With some crew, as soon as they get down route, they lock themselves in their room and for all they know, they could be anywhere in the world. It really makes me upset, as there are other crew that would die for this trip, or other people that would die to have this job that can’t. Lucky for me, most of the crew on our flight were like me and up for exploring. 

By the time the week had gone by, we had been out to dinner in a different restaurant every night and on our free days, had gone to various different islands. On the first free day, we visited Centara Resort Island where we paid $99 for the day. This included lunch and alcohol! By the end of the day, I think we were all a bit tipsy. The day after we had to work the shuttle over to Columbo, so by the time we got back, we only had time for dinner. The next day we went to Kuda Bandos which is kind of like a public island where you pay an entrance fee of $12. As it isn’t a resort, we all brought along our own snacks and lunch, and snorkelled and sunbathed all day! Finally on our last free day we went to Kurumba, where I had actually been on my last Maldives! For some reason, it had gone up in price since the last time I came. We paid $37 to stay on the island but that didn’t include anything. I wasn’t complaining though because it is beautiful! There was no time to rest on this trip. I ended up not being able to sleep properly the first few nights due to the time difference, but luckily I managed a couple of non-interrupted nights of sleep towards the end. All in all the trip was fantastic! We all got into a nice routine of eating breakfast together, getting a boat to an island, spending the day swimming and sunbathing, going back into our rooms to shower and get ready, then meeting for dinner every night. By the end of the trip, we were all so sad that we were going home because we had become so close. 

It was lucky we had all become close, because the flight home was a nightmare! Quite a lot of the passengers’ In Flight Entertaiment wasn't working, people were being very demanding and for some reason, the whole flight wanted duty free. We really had our hands full. We all helped each other out so that made it so much easier on each other. The flight home was 10 hours 46 minutes so by the time we had landed, we were exhausted! 

It will be a while before I get another trip as amazing as that. When the route comes back in the winter, the trips are only going to be 5 or 6 days, so I honestly feel so grateful that I got to experience one of the last ones. The crew and I came back from the Maldives saying that it was the best trip we’ve all ever had, and it’ll probably take something very special to change that anytime soon!