Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Past Month of Craziness and Coincidences!

Its been so long since my last post on here, but my life got a little hectic over Christmas. I think the next trip I had after my Male was a lovely Edinburgh night-stop. I was originally on airport standby covering Orlando, Tampa and Barbados, so I had my suitcase packed with bikinis and suncream. But no, they ended up sending me off to the freezing Edinburgh with no coat, and flip-flops as my only pair of shoes. It was still nice, although my suitcase wardrobe did mean I pretty much spent the evening in my hotel room. The whole crew had been called off standby for it, so we were all as unprepared for it as each other. I was flying with a lovely crew which included a girl who was on my Male trip, so it was nice to catch up!  I was very thankful of the Edinburgh night-stop, as work had originally given me a flight where I had to report at 5.05 the next day! Thankfully, because I was in Edinburgh, that was wiped off! 

The day after I got back from Edinburgh, I had one day left of home standby and I ended up being called off of it for a quick there and back to Nice. They didn’t give me much time to get to the airport, so I was nearly late! Funny thing was I ended up flying with the other girl that was on my Edinburgh night-stop. What are the chances! 

After that, it was Christmas and I had a few days off to spend with my family. It was so nice to catch up with everybody, even if it wasn’t for long: I had a Kingston on the 26th! I had my first ever long-haul to Kingston so it was nice to also end the year with one! Funnily enough, a girl that was on my first Kingston, was also on this trip so it was another trip of catching up. As it was holiday season, not many things were open, and the taxi prices were extortionate so we ended up spending the few days that we were in Kingston by the pool. It was a little disappointing but a few of us did have a little wonder down to the supermarket, and the whole crew ended up at a restaurant for dinner, so at least we got out of the hotel some of the time. 

After my Kingston I had two days off, and then I was on home standby New Years day from 8-4 with an Orlando the day after. Long story short, I was out for New Years till late as it was the first time meeting all of my boyfriend's friends from back home. I thought I would get ready, chill in bed and at least maybe have a few more hours of sleep before work called me. I was only on one day of home standby so felt sure I would only get called for a there and back. If I was lucky, I might not even get called! Oh how wrong I was. At 8.05 I was called to do a Barbados…. I was in Essex, with 2 party dresses, pyjamas and make-up and was given 95mins to get into Gatwick. 

So moral of that story is to be prepared for anything. I didn’t realise they could call me for a long-haul when I had only one day of standby and a rostered trip after, but I was wrong. I ended up staying in my hotel room for most of the Barbados because I only had pyjamas to wear! I was also very sleep-deprived.

On a complete side note, a couple that were at the New Years party in Essex came up to me and asked me whether I was on a flight to Edinburgh the other week. Turns out they were passengers on my flight out and remembered me! WEIRD!!

After the anti-social trip to Barbados, I had a nice trip to one of my favourite destinations, St Lucia with a girl that was on the Barbados. This time around, I was able to come out of my hotel room so all was well! You can’t beat a trip to a free all-inclusive resort. The trip was good fun and it was soon time to come home. I was a little sad but then realised I had booked 7 days of annual leave after. Just what I needed. 

So that pretty much sums up how crazy my last month of flying has been. Clearly, I need to start packing a little better! Flip-flops in Edinburgh, then no flip-flops in Barbados...ah dear. Onwards and upwards from here! Ive just come back from a Jersey night-stop and have my first ever trip to Mauritius on Saturday so I am very excited for that. I’m sure I’ll definitely be doing a post on that seeing as its a 5 day trip so hopefully you wont have too long to wait until the next post.

Speak soon, 

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