Friday, 1 May 2015


Hey guys! Sorry about the long time away from blogging! I think I’ve had a couple of trips to Barbados and St Lucia since I was last on here but I don’t want to end up writing about the same thing over and over again. The trips were fun, but there was nothing really exciting to report. However, back in March I spent a whole week in the Maldives again so I thought I would write about that as it was amazing!!

Update: I had written this blog post a couple of months ago but was waiting for  people to send me photos of the trip. That was a fail, as I still haven't been sent any, so apologies for uploading this months late! You guys wil have to make do with my phone photos :P 

For some reason, British Airways are stopping the route to Male this month(March) until October/November so I was very excited to see that I got one of the last ones on my roster. I was also pleased to see that I would be going with someone from my training course! I was sad that I couldn’t take the bf along, but seeing as he is currently knee deep in University work, a 7 day trip away would have been a bit silly. 

I ended up being down the back of the aircraft with the girl from my training course along with 3 other lovely people and it was great. We all got along really well so the atmosphere and service ran smoothly. There were no dramas on the way out, and we were all so excited to land. On some flights, you realise that some of the crew are in this job for the wrong reasons. This job should be about experiencing the culture of different countries. Being able to see parts of the world that you would never usually go or be able to afford. With some crew, as soon as they get down route, they lock themselves in their room and for all they know, they could be anywhere in the world. It really makes me upset, as there are other crew that would die for this trip, or other people that would die to have this job that can’t. Lucky for me, most of the crew on our flight were like me and up for exploring. 

By the time the week had gone by, we had been out to dinner in a different restaurant every night and on our free days, had gone to various different islands. On the first free day, we visited Centara Resort Island where we paid $99 for the day. This included lunch and alcohol! By the end of the day, I think we were all a bit tipsy. The day after we had to work the shuttle over to Columbo, so by the time we got back, we only had time for dinner. The next day we went to Kuda Bandos which is kind of like a public island where you pay an entrance fee of $12. As it isn’t a resort, we all brought along our own snacks and lunch, and snorkelled and sunbathed all day! Finally on our last free day we went to Kurumba, where I had actually been on my last Maldives! For some reason, it had gone up in price since the last time I came. We paid $37 to stay on the island but that didn’t include anything. I wasn’t complaining though because it is beautiful! There was no time to rest on this trip. I ended up not being able to sleep properly the first few nights due to the time difference, but luckily I managed a couple of non-interrupted nights of sleep towards the end. All in all the trip was fantastic! We all got into a nice routine of eating breakfast together, getting a boat to an island, spending the day swimming and sunbathing, going back into our rooms to shower and get ready, then meeting for dinner every night. By the end of the trip, we were all so sad that we were going home because we had become so close. 

It was lucky we had all become close, because the flight home was a nightmare! Quite a lot of the passengers’ In Flight Entertaiment wasn't working, people were being very demanding and for some reason, the whole flight wanted duty free. We really had our hands full. We all helped each other out so that made it so much easier on each other. The flight home was 10 hours 46 minutes so by the time we had landed, we were exhausted! 

It will be a while before I get another trip as amazing as that. When the route comes back in the winter, the trips are only going to be 5 or 6 days, so I honestly feel so grateful that I got to experience one of the last ones. The crew and I came back from the Maldives saying that it was the best trip we’ve all ever had, and it’ll probably take something very special to change that anytime soon! 

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Winning a Hobie Cat race in Antigua...

Hey! I hope everyone is having a good Valentines Day! Whilst I wait for my partner to come home from work so we can go out for dinner, I thought I’d write a post about my last long-haul trip to Antigua. I have to say, it was probably one of my favourite trips! 

I didn’t think I was actually going to make it. On the morning of my flight, it decided to snow which meant a lot of slow cars and a lot of traffic. I ended up running into my briefing room with 3 minutes to spare. I was very surprised to find I was actually the second person in! Clearly the snow had affected everyones journey. I was on the trip with a lovely girl from my training course and a guy I had flown with before so I was happy when they finally walked in, and the traffic hadn’t made them miss it. 

We were given our briefing sheets and I was very surprised to find I WASN’T AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LIST!!! There was a guy from the course after ours on the trip. It’s sad that I got very excited not to be at the bottom for the first time. Unfortunately, I still ended up in club, my favourite place…not. I ended up getting along really well with everyone working in club, and as I had done the same position on my last flight to Mauritius, the flight ended up being really fun. My friend from my training course was down the back though so it was kinda sad that we didn’t get to work together. 

After an easy flight, we arrived in Antigua. I don’t know if you remember one of my first ever blogs I wrote when I first went to Antigua: it was a pretty boring trip. No-one really done anything so I had tainted views of the place. This trip however was completely different. It was amazing! We had a quick hour to chill in our room when we arrived and then it was straight down the beach to some moon party the hotel was hosting. I was with two other girls and we were meeting all the rest on the beach. As we were walking down, a guy that worked at the hotel stopped us and asked us if we were going to the party. He knew we weren't in all-inclusive rooms as he had somehow deduced we were BA Crew (are we really that easy to spot?!). Next thing you know, he is handing us a wristband each, giving us free food and drink at the party for the rest of the night!. Loved this dude! When we went to beach to meet the others, none of the others were given one and at $50 each, we ended up being the only three of the group to have been lucky to get given them for free! In the end, we spent the evening grabbing plates of food and drinks for everyone, so no-one missed out! The Buffet was amazing! They had sushi, prawns, a variety of bbq’s. Along with food they also had a bonfire, music and entertainment. Add free alcohol into the equation, and it was an awesome night. We ended up playing games on the beach until late. 

The next day we met for breakfast and had a short relax on the beach until it was time for our shuttle to St Kitts. As the plane ride was only 20 minutes long, we were back in time for another evening out. This time we didn’t go quite so crazy. A few of us agreed that the next day, we would take a whack at some free water-sports. 

We were going home that next day in the evening, so after breakfast, we headed straight to the beach to book ourselves in for water-sports. We somehow ended up entering ourselves into a Hobie Cat race so it was lucky that one of our crew knew what to do. We stood there pissing ourselves laughing about the fact that two of us had never even been on a Hobie Cat and how rubbish we were going to be. I had just been on one for the first time in Mauritius, so at least I knew a little about them. 

In the first heat there were around 4 teams. Luck must of been on our side that day because we ended up winning the heat and then winning the final as well! We ended up having to paddle a bit as there was no wind, and right at the end when it looked like we were about to lose, I jumped out and pretty much pushed the boat onto shore, inching ahead of the competition (yes, I am very competitive, and I hate to lose!). But hey, a win is a win. There were no rules…well not that we were aware of. We were so proud of ourselves as no-one(not even ourselves) expected us to win. 

By the evening it was time to go back home. During the few hours that we were resting before pick-up, our prizes for winning the race arrived at our hotel rooms. We had each won a t-shirt! I know it doesn’t sound like much but its something I can now keep to remember the trip by.

The flight back was a little more tricky than on the way. For some reason there were a few electrical issues on board. For the whole night flight, passengers in two of the four cabins had no access to call bells, seatbelt signs or reading lights. The cabin lights also would not turn off so the passengers ended up being in a fully lit cabin whilst trying to sleep. They were not impressed. I was very glad when we finally landed back in London and could get away from the evils that we were being given! 

Although long-haul can be tiring, I can’t wait for my next long-haul trip. I’ve just spent 3 days doing short-haul so am excited for my Barbados tomorrow! Bye bye cold England! 

Speak soon, 

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Ending up in Rome after my Mauritius?!

On Saturday I had the pleasure of travelling to Mauritius for the first time! I was a bit apprehensive of this trip because flights there are a whopping 12 hours long. It is the longest flight we do out of Gatwick, so I knew I needed to be well rested for it.

It was a very senior crew, and as per usual, my name was right at the bottom of the list. This meant I got stuck in Club. Everyone has different preferences of where they like to work, but if you have read any of my previous blog posts, you will know that I much prefer working down the back, serving 100+ people, rather than flapping around passengers that have paid a lot of money for their seat. I think it’s just because in my eyes, a club ticket costs so much and I could never imagine spending that much on one. It actually freaks me out when I have to serve people that do have that kind of money or have spent their entire life savings for it. I also hadn’t worked in Club for a couple of months, so it took me a while to get used to the routine. Luckily I had 12 hours to remember it again.

The flight itself was pretty straight forward. The passengers were lovely and it seemed that the majority of the passengers got off the aircraft looking happy. Our Cabin Manager was quite surprised as apparently, due to the long flight, passengers usually get off at Mauritius in a mood! Ha. We must have done something right then. 

We arrived in the morning, so after the hour journey from airport to hotel, we finally arrived exhausted. We all agreed to meet in the evening for drinks and dinner and spent the rest of the time resting and chilling. By 6pm, we were sipping on our complimentary cocktail and then made our way over to an indian restaurant. After the restaurant, we went across a river to the sister hotel, and had a nice evening at the bar. By this point, we had already organised what we were going to do for the two free days we had!

The next day, most of the crew got a taxi over to Club Med. This was a lovely all inclusive resort. For around £40, we were allowed to go for the day. We had a lovely day by the pool and beach drinking and eating as much as our bellies could handle. Such a bargain! A few of us even got to do some water sports and go on a Hobie Cat. It was so much fun. That evening we went across to the sister hotel again for some dinner. I had lamb chops and they were so good!

The following day, the hotel had organised a catamaran cruise for us. It was around £30, and this included the boat for the whole day, drinks and a BBQ for lunch. It was so relaxing to be able to lay at the front of the boat on the net and read. I managed to read the majority of my book! A few of the crew also paid a bit extra and done some water sports when we docked near a resort. At this point, it was nearly lunch so the BBQ was started! There was chicken, sausages, fish, salad, bread, and they even cooked some bananas on the BBQ after. Nom nom nom. 

After getting back to the hotel at around 4pm, I had spent all that I wanted to on the trip, so spent the evening in my room. We were leaving early the next morning so I wanted to get some rest anyway. By the time I had woken up the next morning, I was ready to go back to England. However, when most of the crew had congregated in the hotel lobby to get on the bus that morning, it was evident that something wasn’t right. Turns out one of our First Officer’s had contracted Gastroenteritis whilst in Mauritius and could not operate home. With only two flight crew for a 12 hour flight, it was not possible for them to operate the full way back, as they would have gone over their maximum operating flying hours. We were not sure whether we were going to have to stay in Mauritius for another day, or fly somewhere closer instead. In the end, we left for the airport not knowing what we were going to be doing. By the time we arrived, it was settled: We would be flying to Rome instead. They were going to position a whole new crew out to meet us in Rome, take over, and we were going to fly back with them as passengers! 10 hours later, we arrived in Rome, the new crew took over, and we sat at the back of the plane in our uniforms for the next two hours. 

By the time I got back home, it was 9pm and had been up since 12am, so I was definitely ready for my bed! It was such a good trip, and although it took us a while to get home, it just made me appreciate my bed more!