Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Best Trip Yet!…St Lucia

On Saturday, I packed up my suitcase ready for my first trip to St Lucia. I was really looking forward to the trip because the weather in England has progressively gotten more and more cold, and I was in need of some warmth! I was also flying with someone off of my training course! I already knew that the resort that BA put us up in is all inclusive, so I prepared myself for a fun-filled trip.

The flight over to St Lucia was drama free. I was down the back in the Economy cabin and we were completely full, but the crew I was with were lovely. We clicked straight away, and spent the whole time laughing and chatting like we had been friends for ages. By the time we had got to St Lucia, we had planned activities for the rest of the days. 

We arrived mid afternoon, dropped our bags off, showered and headed down to the bar. Although the hotel rooms were nothing special, the rest of the resort more than made up for it. There were multiple bars including a pool bar, an eat as much as you like buffet and fast food shack, a jacuzzi, various swimming pools, a lazy river, slides, and even watersports. I couldn’t quite believe that it was all free. 

We all started by having a few cocktails and then sauntered over to the buffet for dinner. There was a fajita station, the biggest tuna fish I have ever seen waiting to be cooked into steaks, ribs and so many other main meals and desserts to choose from. I am a foodie so I was in heaven! Once we were full, we spent the rest of the night chatting away drinking Kir Royale cocktails and Pina Coladas. As we had had a long flight earlier, we retired to bed sooner than we would have liked but with an eager anticipation for the following day. 

We started the day by having the biggest breakfast buffet I have ever experienced. There was a french toast station, bread station, omelette station, crepe station, smoothie station, scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit, yogurt, pastries. Everything you could want to eat, they had. Once our belly's were satisfied, we spent the rest of the morning juggling our time between sunbathing and going around the lazy river in rubber rings. We had a quick shuttle to Port of Spain in the afternoon, so we didn’t want to tire ourselves out too much...
The shuttle was pain free, and as we had some spare time in Trinidad waiting for the sector back to St Lucia, the Captain asked us if we wanted an engine photo. Hell yes I did!! By the time we got back, the crew that had just arrived to St Lucia that day were at the bar getting in their first round of drinks. I was really surprised to find that another girl from my training course was there! We had a great laugh catching up, surprised that there were three of us from the same training course all in St Lucia together.
The next day after breakfast, it was time for some kayaking. The kayaking staff were lovely and managed to get a few photos of us while we made a fool out of ourselves! We went on the lazy river again, had a few virgin cocktails in the pool bar, and then spent the rest of the afternoon sunbathing at a different pool. Before long it was time to retire to our rooms for some rest before our flight home. 

The flight home was also full and where the passengers were tired, they were a bit more demanding. However, we still had a lovely flight back chatting about what an amazing time we had out in St Lucia. I can definitely say that this was my most favourite trip yet. We were all sad to leave, as it is rare that you get along so well with people you have only just met. One of the girls and I have a Barbados soon though so I’m excited about that! 

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