Monday, 3 November 2014

I got a Golden Ticket on my way to Barbados!!

On Friday, I had my second experience up in Club on a trip to Barbados. It was completely full in Club but as there were only 55 passengers down in World Traveller, we got extra help from some of the crew at the back. I was told the flight is usually never this empty so we were lucky to get the extra hands! So there I was, preparing myself for an easy and drama-free flight. I must have jinxed it because it was not.

There were two passengers that were on staff travel in Club that half-way through the flight ended up getting very drunk. A few of the passengers had begun to complain to us about their loudness. I don’t think they realised how loud they were being, and then they had the cheek to start complaining about the service on board (they weren’t even on a full paying ticket!!). I felt very sorry for the passengers that had actually paid lots of money for the flight, that were now being disrupted by two drunk people. They already had a vendetta against our Cabin Manager because she was apparently rude to them during boarding, so when she came over to tell them to be quiet, it all got very heated. The captain got involved and everything. Drunk people are such a nightmare. Anyway, it ended with the lady bawling her eyes out coming into land because she was worried that she was going to lose her job. Realistically, she was probably going to have her staff travel revoked. I am glad not to be at the airport when she attempts to come home with her partner on a staff ticket. DRAMA. And I thought we were going to have an easy flight. 

However, something else did happen on the flight whilst all that was going on. I got myself a GOLDEN TICKET! If you haven’t watched the show ‘A Very British Airline’ you might not know what one of those are. As part of British Airways executive Club, if you are a Gold Card holder(someone that flies with BA a lot and has a card to prove it), you are given a couple of ‘Golden Tickets’ a year to give to crew on board who you believe have given outstanding customer service. AND I GOT ONE! I don’t believe I done anything particularly special, but he said he was really happy with how friendly and helpful I was. 

Moral: A smile goes a long way. On my last there and back to Nice, we barely had any time for the service, yet a customer told the Purser that he had one of the best flight with BA. When asked why, he was told it was due to the two woman at the back. We didn’t do the service to standard, and we didn’t have any time to chat to the customers, but there must have been something he really liked. Sometimes I don’t think people realise how easy it to pick up on a negative attitude. Stress, annoyance and ignorance are all emotions that we experience often as cabin crew. What I think distinguishes the difference between a good and bad flight attendant, is how we cope with these emotions. The last passenger you serve on board should get the same service as the first person you serve, not have to deal with the baggage of all the situations that have happened in the mean time! 

Anyway, back to my trip to Barbados. By the time we arrived, I was on a high from getting a golden ticket! Since it was still the early evening, we got to the hotel and sat on the beach drinking cocktails. I have to say, it’s probably one of my favourite destinations so far! The atmosphere was great. The hotel was on the beach, there was loud music, places to sit and chat, outdoor bars. The crew were lovely, and as there was another crew that had landed earlier that day, there were quite a few of us! I bumped into my friend from my training course that I had my overnight stay in Jersey with so that was great! I got chatting to a girl who was crew on my flight and we ended up meeting for breakfast and for a sunbathing session the next day. 

Books completed on the trip:The Fault in Our Stars-John Green

Currently reading: The Shock of the Fall - Nathan Filer
As we were leaving around 7pm the next day, we got in all our sunbathing in as soon as we could, and then it was to our rooms for a little nap before our overnight flight back home. It got to around 4pm, I was about to go for a shower and start getting ready, when I noticed a letter had been pushed through my door. Our flight had been delayed! At this point, we were all ready to leave so none of us were impressed. We ended up having an 8 hour delay, and didn't get picked up till 2am.

Luckily the flight back home wasn’t too exhausting. The passengers must have exhausted their energy during the delay at the airport, that most of them slept during the flight. Before I knew it, we had arrived back to Gatwick and it was time to drive home. Even though it was Sunday, I still managed to get stuck in loads of traffic, and two hours after I had swiped out, I finally arrived back. 

All in all it was a lovely trip, lovely crew, topped of with a golden ticket! Perfect.

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