Thursday, 20 November 2014

Fun and Laughter in Tampa.

Last weekend, I was due to spend three days sitting at home on home standby waiting for that dreaded call. Lucky for me, a few days before that, I was woken up to a message from my friend Paul (Hi Paul if you are reading thisss!!) on my training course asking if I was on his flight to Tampa that Saturday. I quickly checked my roster to find that I had indeed been switched onto a flight with him. A chance to fly with someone I knew and spend a few days in Florida instead of home standby? I had gotten lucky. 

When it got to the flight briefing, me and Paul were obviously the last to choose our positions on board. Luckily, when the crew realised that me and Paul were still relatively new, they were happy to switch around the positions so we weren’t completely in the deep end. I ended up as number 3 and as I had already done the position before, I was happy. Paul was number 7 so it meant we were both down the back in the World Traveller Plus/World Traveller cabin. It also meant we had to attempt doing duty-free by ourselves. At least we had each other. 

The flight itself was relatively pain-free, and it was lovely to work with someone who had been through the training recently. I think older crew sometimes forget what it is like to be new, and expect us to know exactly what we need to do at all times. So it was very nice and refreshing having someone else, who at times was just as clueless as I was. Ha. Before we had got off the aircraft, we had already decided that we were going out that night, making the most of our time in Tampa. Our Purser was also up for going out, and as he had been to Tampa quite a few times before, he knew exactly where to take us.

We got to the hotel, got rid of our suitcases, and went straight down to the bar. We sat outside which meant we could drink the alcohol we purchased on the plane to save us a bit of money. I later discovered that that was a very wise idea. Just before we hopped into a taxi to go out, we decided to buy a Jagerbomb each at the bar. Two Jagerbombs cost us over $20…

So we hopped into a taxi and ended up at City Side which is a gay bar with karaoke. Our Purser and Paul sang a few songs (the crowd loved it!) and after a few drinks, we stumbled onto the dance floor and danced like there was no tomorrow. We literally died of happiness when our requested song (anything by Bastille) came on. Oh the little things. After the song, we hit the wall and decided to call it a night. Well our Purser did. Me and Paul decided at 1.30 in the morning that we wanted food. 

You wouldn’t think it would be that hard to get some fast food in America. How wrong we were. We ended up going to McDonalds, Burger King and Taco Bell, in hope of something. The restaurants were closed but the drive-through open, yet nobody would serve us! Without a car, we were refused. Even when Paul tried to bribe a worker, they were having none of it. Our last resort was Walgreens, where we ended up trying on Christmas hats and left with a multipack of twix and some ice-cream. We were so tired we ended up eating a few mouthfuls and then putting it in the fridge(why did we think that would be a good idea?!). 

The next day, I woke up rather later than usual, met the other party animals for a nice breakfast at Panera and spent the rest of the day chilling by the pool. Usually I try to rest before a flight in the evening but Law and Order was on TV and it was too interesting! Thankfully, the flight back wasn’t too exhausting and there were a few lovely passengers on board we got chatting with, so that made the time go a bit quicker. Before long, I was back at Gatwick, ready for my drive home.

All in all, although the trip to Tampa was a short one, I had so much fun and such a great laugh. 

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