Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Jersey overnight with a friend :)

Last week I had to pleasure of doing a ‘two day six’. In the cabin crew world that means that over two days, I complete six sectors. This time it was: LGW-AMS, AMS-LGW, LGW-JER, JER-LGW, LGW-ALG, ALG-LGW. The flights on a two day six are short and you get a nice overnight stay so it gives you a little extra money. I had also been looking forward to the trip for a while because I was rostered the overnight stay in Jersey with one of my friends from my training course! I was very excited to catch up with her and discuss how her last month had gone. 
Even though we were in Jersey for less than 24 hours, we managed to get a lot done! We hired bicycles, and at the help of our purser who also enjoyed cycling, we made it all the way to this beautiful little lighthouse. There was a very steep hill on the way which I nearly died on, but after seeing the views at the top, it was definitely worth it! We had a good old chatter, cycled back and then went for a nice swim in the hotel, followed by a good steam. It was just what I needed: decent conversation with someone who had been through the same roller-coaster ride as me. A few of the crew then met up for dinner and we went to a nice Italian restaurant called Little Italy. Usually, the crew just eat at the hotel so it was nice we managed to persuade everyone to go elsewhere! After dinner, it was time to get into the comfiest bed I have ever been in and get my beauty sleep in before our 6am pick-up the next day. 

Although it was a short stay in Jersey, I am really happy that I got to spend it with a friend I had gotten to know over our 6 week training course. With experienced cabin crew, they are usually less eager to want to explore, because they may have already done it a million times before, so it was lovely that I got to spend an afternoon and evening with someone that was also new and shared the same excitement of wanting to see everything! 

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