Saturday, 2 August 2014

British Airways Medical Clearance and Uniform Fitting

Yesterday, I became one step closer to becoming a crew member at British Airways - I got medical clearance and my uniform fitted! I decided to get it all done in one day so I wouldn't have to make two trips. I was lucky enough to have a partner that offered to drive me so I wouldn't get too stressed out navigating london roads.

My medical was booked for 08:30 at British Airways Waterside, Heathrow, so it was a very early start for us from Kent. However, when I did arrive, the whole process only took around 30 minutes. The hardest part was probably holding my bladder after the long journey because I knew I had to provide a urine sample! Luckily, it was the first thing I was asked to do (after I had to run back to the car because I had forgotten my ID...doh!). After peeing in a plastic cup (nice!), I was given a short and long-sighted eye test, with and without my glasses, and asked to read some coloured numbers to make sure I wasn't colour blind. Next, my blood pressure, height and weight were taken. The second part involved a doctor who called me in to discuss my medical history form I had completed. She listened to my heart and lungs and that was it! My paperwork was stamped FIT TO FLY. Wahoo.

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My Uniform fitting wasn't until 14.45 so my partner and I decided to drive to Westfield and do some shopping! We had a quick look round the shops including Debenhams to check out the Tripp suitcases that I would need to get at some point. We then stopped off for lunch at Bamboo Basket for some lovely japanese food and dim sum.

After lunch, I made the decision to go back into Debenhams to buy the cases. I was a bit unsure of which ones to get because I have yet to receive the BA Uniform Standards booklet, but as there was a today-only special offer on them, I decided to go for it. After I asked the sales assistant for them, he asked whether I was joining BA cabin crew. I had obviously chosen the right cases, phew! In the end, I got the Tripp Star Lite 4-Wheel Medium Suitcase, and the same in the Cabin size for £44 each. Bargain!

After all that, we were running late and had to make a mad dash from Westfield to Gatwick for my Uniform fitting. The traffic was horrendous and I pretty much sprinted into the warehouse store, stress levels running high, dead on 14:45. The uniform fitting took around 30 mins, and I was fitted for the skirt, shirt, waistcoat, jacket, coat and gloves. The rest of the items did not need to be tried on, so were just added to my order. I was given a confirmation print out of the order, with a collection date for the 20/08/14. Who knew cabin crew needed so much stuff!

I was finally done! It was now time to begin the long journey home. By this point, both my partner and I's phones had run out of battery so we had no Sat-Nav. We got a little lost and ended up stopping off at a lovely little pub in the middle of nowhere. To get there, it involved driving down single-laned country roads. It wasn't fun when we ran into a tractor.

We finally got rid of the tractor and had a well-needed drink in the pub garden. It was definitely worth it.

After the sun went in, we finally continued the drive home(second time lucky), decided we didn't want to cook dinner, so ended up in Nando's instead of our planned visit to the gym. All in all, the day, albeit expensive and unhealthy, was great.

Speak soon!


  1. Hi! I'm so happy I found your blog, this information is so useful! I starting with BA next month and I had a doubt about the medicals, do they make you undress or lift your shirt? I have a very big and obvious scar in my stomach that I would rather have them not see. Also, do they do any chest x-rays? I know they do this in middle eastern airlines.

  2. Love your blog Georgie! Its getting me very excited to start. I've got my medical and uniform fitting next week. Sort of same question above, do you have to undress in front of them? Thank you

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