Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Start of the Beginning.

Currently, I am waiting to begin my training as Cabin Crew for British Airways. But how did I get here?
Let’s rewind a bit and I’ll try to explain my life leading up to today and the choices I have made along the way. My curiosity of the world all started when I was 8 when my parents moved our family to China for two years. At the time I was scared. I was leaving my friends behind to go live in a whole different country! I should add that I am half-Chinese (my mum is from Shanghai) so when I say a whole different country, it wasn’t a completely crazy ‘my parents are having a mid-life crisis’ move. So yep, we packed up our stuff and that was that. I was enrolled in an international school, and for the next two years, I mingled with students from pretty much all over the world. I loved it. I loved being half-Chinese but I was also proud to be British (well, until it came to International Food Day, and all we could come up with was shepherd’s pie).

But anyway, aside from living in China for two years, my parents also love travelling to different countries, so I was very grateful that I was able to travel to many different places
when I was younger. You could say I became a ‘passport stamp collector’. Something that recently caught my eye in a National Geographic article was the way in which we can associate something that is essentially a bit of ink, to a past memory.

“For travelers, a passport stamp is like a medal of honor: proof of places explored, adventures had, and lessons learned… Each page tells a story, or three, depending on how many stamps are squeezed in.”

When I flip through the pages of my passport, I’m instantly transported to various stages in my life: road tripping around California, petting kangaroos in Australia, riding on an elephant in Thailand, and relaxing with my friends in Dubai. Long story short, I loved/love going to different countries and experiencing the different cultures. It opened my eyes...well to the world outside of my four bedroom walls. So cliché...sorry!

Having been to different countries and experienced different cultures, I was able to see first-hand cultural differences (if you study A-Level Psychology, you’ll be a pro at understanding what I mean by ‘cultural differences’). I don’t think there was an essay I wrote that did not have those two words in. So, after two years studying for my A-Levels, I was excited to start a degree.  My previous curiosity of countries and their different cultures stemmed into an interest in studying mental functions and behaviours in a human and off I went to study Psychology at the University of Kent.

To put this all into perspective, my rambling essay is essentially my way of trying to explain to you guys some of the reasons why I chose to study Psychology at Uni (I say some of the reasons, because sometimes, I don’t even know why I picked it). Anyway, fast forward three years of a lot of drinking, working, studying and exams, I finally graduated in 2013 with a First-Class Honours degree. Wahoo. Yep, definitely the best three years of my life.

Now, you’re probably wondering how I went from graduating with a Psychology degree, to accepting a job as a cabin crew member. But, I think I’ve already written enough for today, so I think I’ll leave that for the next blog.

Speak soon and stay tuned,

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