Sunday, 20 July 2014

My Application Process for British Airways.

Having a job as Cabin Crew at an airline was something I had always thought would be such an amazing experience, but my dreams to be a Clinical Psychologist always took precedence. I have a couple of friends who are already Cabin Crew at British Airways and I would be forever whinging to my partner about the amazing places they are able to go. He always encouraged me to apply but since I have been quite academic, the thought that I could begin a career that did not involve the thousands of pounds I had just spent on a University degree, just didn’t feel right to me. 

Apparently, at some point in March, I must have thought ‘f*** it’, because I filled out an application anyway. At the time, I was sick and tired of my job and had seen someone on Facebook that day say that applications for British Airways Gatwick Cabin Crew were open. It was a sign. So there I sat on the evening of March 6th, filling in an online application form. I never thought for a second that when I submitted my application to British Airways, that I would be successful. 

After applying online, I tried to push the application to the back of my mind. I had a look on for the first few days after and was fascinated and a little obsessed by all the comments and stories of the whole application process. However, I didn’t want to get my hopes up so I stopped. I was also applying to a few other jobs at the time, so it wasn’t the only thing I was waiting on and pretty soon, I had completely forgotten I had applied. 

Now, lets fast forward to March 21st. I distinctly remember that I was out at dinner at a lovely Mediterranean/Moroccan restaurant with my partner. He had just gone to the toilet (my partner is a peeing machine and I’m pretty sure most important events always happens when he is in the bathroom), when my phone buzzed. A new email titled ‘Outcome for application for Gatwick Cabin Crew’ popped up. I already have a pretty unhealthy high heart rate but as soon as I read the email title, I’m pretty sure my heart rate tripled. At the time, part of me didn't want to open it and read the possible rejection in the middle of a happy evening out. The other part of me needed to read the email as quick as possible. I was so nervous but I couldn’t ignore the message any longer. As I had a few minutes to myself, I was able to read and digest the email alone.  But I needn’t have worried, It was a CONGRATULATIONS email! I had passed the screening process and would be invited to an assessment day in due course. I proceeded to spend the rest of the dinner chatting about how I wasn’t going to get my hopes up because I still had to pass the Assessment Day, even though secretly, I was dying of excitement inside! It was like the world had opened up right in front of me. I think I proceeded to spend everyday for the next few months looking up every Cabin Crew blog I could find, reading about peoples adventures around the world.

After my congratulations email in March, a whole month went by with no contact from British Airways. I was starting to get paranoid that they had sent me the email out by mistake! Finally, on the 24th April, I was leaving work and checking my emails when I got an email with two available Assessment Days for the 1st and 2nd May. I quickly booked myself onto the 1st May whilst sitting in my car. I suddenly realised I had less than a week to prepare! Ahhhh! Luckily, I only had a couple of days left working as I had handed in my resignation two weeks previous. I didn’t have to pull a sickie and I was also free to do some research on British Airways and prepare for the 2:1 interview. 

So the day came and went (post on the Assessment Day to come) and I was left stewing in my own thoughts about my performance. Not having to go to work was nice but it also meant that I had a never ending week after my Assessment Day, refreshing gmail every 5 minutes, waiting for my outcome email! I had read from a variety of people on that they received their outcome email within 2 days, whereas management tell you it could be up to 8-10 days, depending on admin. Nevertheless, I was never away from my phone or laptop for those 7 days! On the 8th May, I finally got my golden email saying I had passed the Assessment Day and that British Airways were offering me a position. I still can’t believe it to this day! 

I’ve put in a timeline to give you an idea of how long the whole process took:

Online application completed: 6th March 2014
Online application outcome: 21st March 2014
Available Assessment Day email: 24th April 2014
Assessment Day: 1st May 2014
Assessment Day outcome: 8th May 2014

So all in all the process from start to finish took around 2 months!

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