Saturday, 26 July 2014

Cabin Crew Assessment Day at British Airways.

Hi guys, I just thought I’d write about my experience of the Assessment Day and hope that it provides a guide to prospective cabin crew as to what to expect!

I arrived at Waterside in my chiffon shirt, black jacket and pencil skirt and of course, my hair in a doughnut bun. We signed in at the desk, sat down and completed the height and reach check. This was to make sure we were between 5’2 to 6’1 and able to reach a height of 6’8. Your feet had to be flat on the floor and your hand able to grip and rotate on a metal bar with no shoes. They also made sure we could fasten and un-fasten the seatbelt in a jump seat to ensure our physical size was appropriate. 

After being divided into Gatwick Fleet and Mixed Fleet, we sat down and were spoken to by the recruitment team. We watched a powerpoint about the job and what to expect. It is at this moment when it really sinks in that you were chosen out of thousands of applications and how badly you want the job. Before the Assessment Day, I had already accepted a job elsewhere, and thought that had I not been successful, it wouldn’t have been the worse thing in the world. However, after the presentation, there was nothing I wanted more. 

Stage One: (exercises which all applicants completed in different orders). 

  1. My first exercise was the multiple choice questionnaire. Honestly, it was mostly common sense questions. There were a few questions that were a bit more difficult, but earlier whilst chatting to the recruitment team, we were given a few answers. Hint: There was no need to revise or prepare anything for this exercise. 

  2. My second exercise was the role-play task. I was fortunate that I was sitting with a group of applicants that had all completed their role-play exercise first and spoke about it, so I was able to prepare myself. I was sent into a room and asked to read a sheet of paper with the instructions on it. I was then asked to read it out aloud. I made sure to speak loudly and clearly as I knew this was a mini-test to test my ability at cabin announcements. My role-play was that I was a waitress who had to deal with a customer(the assessor) who wasn’t happy and wanted to swap dishes from two different set menus. My task was to try and come up with a solution without going against company policy but also making sure that the customer was happy with the solution. Hint: Make sure you remember exactly what was written on the sheet you are given at the start because you won’t be able to look at it again. It will give you information that you can use to your advantage during the role-play.

  3. My last exercise of the morning was the group exercise. We were in groups of about 5/6 and had to discuss the design of a uniform for an entertainment company. There were different options based on price, warmth, wash options, time to make etc. Once we had all agreed on the choices for the different clothing options, we were then given an additional piece of information. We once again had to all agree on new options for the uniform based on the new information received. Hint: In this task, they are looking for team-work. Don’t try and be the person that speaks the most and won’t let anyone else talk, but don’t be the quiet one either. Use phrases like ‘I really like that idea’ ,’that’s a really good point’ ,’i agree with…’, ‘what does everyone think’, ‘do we agree that…’. Also, never cut of someone when they are speaking. Use a lot of non-verbal communication tools too: nod, make eye-contact, use positive body language and gestures. 

And that was that for the morning. We then had to sit there whilst the recruitment team marked up our scores for the morning. It was the longest 45 minutes of my life! Finally, half the group were taken to a room and told they didn’t make it through whilst we were told that we had survived. We had a quick lunch break and then it was straight into stage two: the 2:1 interviews.

Stage Two: (2:1 Interview).

There were about 6 assessors in the afternoon that called us in one by one. I was one of the last people to be called so I had to endure a few hours of anxiety. During that time, I was asked to fill in a security questionnaire. I was finally called in, and sat down in front of two members of recruitment.  Overall, the interview lasted around 25-30 minutes. They asked general questions like ‘why do you to work as cabin crew for british airways?’, ‘what is your understanding of the gatwick fleet?’, ‘how will you cope with the lifestyle?’, ‘why do you think you’ll be good at this role?’. However, most of the interview was based around ‘give me an example’ questions. ‘Give me an example when you gave excellent customer service’, ‘give me an example when you have had to take the lead/initiative at work’, ‘give me an example of when you have worked well in a team’, ‘give me an example when you have had to deal with an unhappy customer’, ‘give me an example when you have had to handle different cultural diversity in the workplace’. Overall, I believe I was asked around 12 questions. Hint: Make eye-contact, appear bubbly and happy, smile, don’t panic if you can’t think of an answer straight away, ask them to repeat the question, and take your time. Just relax. You’ve done the hard part and got through to the interview. As long as you let your personality stand out, have around 20 example questions prepared and don’t let the questions faze you, it’ll go well. 

And that was it. I shook the hand of my assessor, retrieved my passport from the front desk and left. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Obviously, I was relieved it was over, but I met so many lovely people that day, that even if I hadn’t got the job, I still would have been glad I went.

Anyway, that was my experience! Hope it helps all you guys succeed. If you have any other questions about the AD, send me a message and i’ll do my best to reply as quick as possible!



  1. Hello

    I got through my assessment day and just wondered how long you had to wait to find out if you were successful. The morning started with 82 applicants and finished with just 7. I felt that it went well but the wait is unbearable! How did they let you know? Email? Telephone call?

  2. I had my assessment day on the 1st May and found out on the 8th. It was over the weekend though so I would estimate around 4-5 days! Oh wow, they really cut you guys down! Our assessment day started with maybe 100 but we finished with around 25. That was a mixture of mixed fleet and gatwick fleet. If you managed to make it to the last 7 then I would be pretty optimistic. I ended up seeing nearly all the people I was left with at the interview stage on my training course so fingers crossed for you.
    I had a missed call that day from a private number which may have been them. As I didn't answer, they sent me an email with the congratulations.


  3. Hi Georgina, thanks for such an insightful post on what to expect from the assessment day. I have one coming up on the 7th of next month.Preparing as early as I can so that I am ready closer to the time. I wanted to ask, in my invitation email, it says to bring GCSE certificates but I don't even know where mine are. Is it mandatory to have them? Will they send me home if I don't have mine?

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  5. Hello Georgina, thank you very much for your detaied information about the assessment process.I have one comming up soon.I am so excited hovewer I have to prepare myself,and with your help it will be pretty easier.Thank you once again!I wanted to ask you how long it takes between your assessment day and your training if successful.

  6. Hello both, I have an AD on 19th October, so so excited!! But very nervous!! Your post is great and reassuring to have a little guidance on what goes on. I'm just so nervous I'll forget all the questions and answers and BA info that I've revised because I'll be so nervous. So greatful to be given the opportunity though! Are they really strict or is it quite a fun day and relaxed day? :) x

  7. Hello I have a assessment day with British Airways on the 9 Nov I am so happy.

  8. I have assessment day with British Airways cabin crew on the 22 November any help thank you Andrew

  9. Love your blog!!! Really helpful! Can I ask you what kind of language did you use for the scenario,what sokutions did you offer to the customer?My assessment will be holding in March. Xxx Veronica

  10. Love your blog!!! Really helpful! Can I ask you what kind of language did you use for the scenario,what sokutions did you offer to the customer?My assessment will be holding in March. Xxx Veronica

  11. Hi Georgie, can I ask you bout your role, what was the suggestions you came up with? And also did they ask you if you have done research about BA as a company?

  12. Hi Georgie!
    This post is so helpful! I go for an assessment day at the end of April! I know you answered someone else's question previously in that it took about a week to hear back after assessment, but just a question on how long after you heard you were successful did you start your training? I know I have to get through assessment first and fingers crossed be successful! But I just started a new job so just thought if I had some sort of idea in their time frames? Or do they start training programs at different times in the year?

    Thank you!!